MyCannX featured dispensary this month is Greenhouse Wellness:

A Message from our Friends at Greenhouse Wellness

Greenhouse Wellness is a medical cannabis dispensary located at 4801 Dorsey Hall Drive  Suite 110 Ellicott City, MD 21042and opening in late October/early November.

The dispensary has a licensed physician on staff with personnel trained in the medical uses and benefits of cannabis. Greeenhouse Wellness categorizes treatment options based on a unique medically derived matrix. Once they explore your symptoms and discuss desired effects, they package and track your custom treatment plan. 

Greenhouse Wellness also focuses on smoke-free products, which prevents patients from being in contact with toxins, tars, and other harmful substances. Their product selection includes oils, tinctures, vaporizers and concentrates, not leaves.  This smokeless approach provides a refined dosage methodology to most effectively relieve symptoms. 

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