Scope of Epilepsy in the United States

Almost 3.5 million people in the United States suffer from epilepsy, which manifests itself in many different forms in both children and adults. 6 in 1000 children have epilepsy, which has brought significant attention to the prevalence of epilepsy in children.

The cost of epilepsy is upwards of $15 billion in direct and indirect costs for those with epilepsy, ranging from supports to treatments to diagnostic tools.

Understanding Epilepsy and Its Symptoms

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that is signified by an interruption in normal brain activity and function. It’s one of the most common brain conditions. The common manifestation of epilepsy are seizures, which can range from mild to extremely severe.

It’s not entirely clear what the cause of epilepsy is, but it can be due to a number of brain conditions including tumor, brain infection or injury, stroke, loss of oxygen to the brain, or other serious neurological disorders. Research into epilepsy seeks to understand the condition in order to improve the quality of life for those suffering from this sometimes-debilitating brain condition.

For many who have severe epilepsy, many health and safety concerns are posed, with many being prevented from driving, holding jobs that could put them in precarious situations, or will refrain from participating in any activities that could present a “trigger” for an epileptic seizure.

Common Treatments for Epilepsy

Epilepsy is commonly treated through a series of anti-seizure medications that can be effective for some, but not everyone.

Many people suffer from chronic seizures, with some children and adults suffering from dozens of seizures a day, and the anti-seizure medication isn’t decreasing seizures enough to provide quality of life for those with epilepsy.

Some of the anti-seizure medications that are prescribed provide unwanted and negative side effects from feelings of lethargy to insomnia and serious rashes. There is also the risk of the white blood cells in your body that are needed to fight infection lessening. Some also experience a reduction of red platelets in their bodies, which is needed to stop bleeding. The anti-seizure medications aren’t always the best solution.

Many have seen the videos on social media that show people having an active seizure and are administered a drop of CBD oil, having the seizure immediately stop. This is proof of the effectiveness of CBD and the promise of medical marijuana to treat the seizures associated with epilepsy.

Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy

The leading theory of how medical cannabis can treat seizures and provide relief from the symptoms of epilepsy is in the way cannabinoids bind to the nerve cell receptors that regulate calcium and cell excitability.

Because epilepsy is affecting so many people, children especially, research has ramped up looking at the effectiveness of cannabis as a whole, including THC and CBD (cannabidiol) for the treatment of epilepsy.

One recent study sticks out, conducted by three scientists in California, Washington, and Maine. Using artisanal cannabis products, the scientists examined the effects of medical marijuana on epilepsy on 272 patients. 86% reported some degree of seizure reduction through cannabis, with 28% experiencing a 76-99% reduction in seizure frequency and 10% experiencing no seizures at all.

More people are looking into the promise of CBD, as well as the different terpenes present in cannabis strains, recognizing that the effectiveness of CBD, medical marijuana and terpenes are all strengthened when used together, which is often referred to as The Entourage Effect.

Are You Ready to Explore Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy?

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