MyCannX featured dispensary this month is greenhouse wellness :



Columbia, Maryland's Premier Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Led by our in-house Medical Director and staffed with registered nurses, Greenhouse Wellness provides cutting-edge cannabis treatment options to help enhance our clients’ quality of life.

Our Story

 Founders Gina Dubbé and Dr. Leslie Apgar

Founders Gina Dubbé and Dr. Leslie Apgar

We get it. Upon first glance, we don’t look like the likely candidates to own a medical cannabis dispensary. As two mothers and best friends who live in the suburbs and have resumes loaded with professional certifications, many find it hard to believe we opened greenhouse. And that’s exactly why we did it.

Cannabis can be intimidating. There are all of these strains, and a variety of ways to consume them. With street names like “Bubba Kush” and “Sour Diesel,” let’s be honest, it’s hard not to feel seedy (pun sort of intended) when looking to purchase it.

But medical cannabis is earning it’s rightful place as a safe, effective, whole-plant treatment option. And that’s our mission with Greenhouse Wellness--to break up the stigma that marijuana should remain on the fringes of society, and help those looking for relief find solutions to the everyday chronic pain and qualifying illnesses or symptoms that constrain them.  

We designed Greenhouse Wellness so that individuals from all walks of life can feel safe, comfortable, and assured as they walk in and seek products to help treat their qualifying conditions. From our minimalist and bright interior, to our greenhouse concierge team, we sit down with you to gain an in-depth understanding of what you’re looking to achieve, and then help you find customized solutions for relief. We even maintain a secure database with customer profiles so we can continually make adjustments according to your experiences and symptoms. 

We encourage you to come visit us, and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to write us. We’re here to help.