Understanding the Scope of Pain in the United States

Pain has become an epidemic in our country, and the failed efforts towards pain management have resulted in a public health crisis. It’s now time that Americans take responsibility for the damage created through the opioid crisis to create access to alternative treatments for symptoms of pain, such as medical marijuana.

Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, with pain affecting more Americans than heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined.

Defining Pain and Pain Management

While the medical community and pain management practitioners use various definitions for pain, it’s widely agreed that pain is a subjective sensation. It is something that humans learn to be able to describe through experiences with injury throughout their lives. It’s also accepted that pain is both a sensory or physical sensation that triggers an emotional experience since pain is an unpleasant sensory feeling that makes it impossible to separate the body from the mind when finding relief.

Pain management is the process that medical practitioners take to relieve or eliminate the unpleasant sensations of pain. For minor or acute pain, practitioners turn to analgesics, while for chronic pain, narcotics and opioids are usually the path that is taken.

The last two decades has seen an explosion of opioid use that is causing unpleasant side effects for people, including opioid dependency. The strong chemical effects of the powerful opioids, that were said to not have risk of dependency by pharmaceutical companies, led to overprescribing, and for many, turning to abuse and illegal street synthetics. Every day, 90 Americans die by overdosing on opioids, including prescription pills, heroin and synthetic opioids like fentanyl. We can’t continue to let our citizens fall victim to the dangers of opioids.

Medical Marijuana and Pain

The medical marijuana community recognizes that pain disorders, injuries, and chronic pain is a tough daily reality for many. Movements like MyCannX, that help people get their medical cannabis cards, understand the emotional and physical toll pain takes on people, and their families. It’s for this that we have advocated for nationwide access to medical marijuana for pain, as a safe and effective alternative to prescription opioids.

The endocannabinoid system, and the receptors within the brain that act as internal regulators of our health are the key to understanding the role of medical marijuana for pain management.

Pain is the body’s response to inflammation, which is often the root cause of many pain conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, injuries and other chronic pain conditions. When a joint or muscle is inflamed, signals are sent to our brain that we need to protect our ourselves from the harm our body is experiencing, and that’s why we feel pain. Adding cannabis into the body’s already existing endocannabinoid system will help the brain receive cannabidiol (CBD) which works to interrupt the pain signals to the brain, bringing relief as a natural analgesic.

Common Pain Conditions Treated by Medical Cannabis

While current laws in most states allow the discretion of the prescribing doctor to treat pain symptoms with medical marijuana if it is deemed a benefit, common pain conditions treated by medical marijuana include:

·         Neuropathic pain (i.e. as a result of chemotheraphy)

·         Chronic low back pain

·         Osteoarthritis

·         Rheumatoid Arthritis

·         Fibromyalgia

·         Headaches

·         Irritable Bowel Syndrome

·         Accident- or injury-related pain

·         Sciatica

·         HIV/AIDS related pain

·         Multiple Sclerosis

·         Neck pain

·         TMJ Disorder

A reminder that pain is understood to be a subjective sensation, so it’s up to you and your medical marijuana prescribing doctor to have a thorough and open dialogue about the sensations you’re experiencing.

Are You Ready to Explore Medical Marijuana for Pain?

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