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We are patient advocates. We assist in negotiating the lowest price possible with doctors and then connect you to them, making medical marijuana more accessible and affordable to you.

Legal Medical Marijuana

Our mission is to provide safe, legal, and affordable access to medical marijuana treatment for patients suffering from chronic illnesses.

New! $100 Appointments!

We’ve negotiated even lower costs for you! All Washington DC appointments now $100. We also offer $100 discount days in Maryland at several locations. Check the appointment page to find what days to save money.

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Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

Schedule your appointment for obtaining your legal medical marijuana care. Currently, we are serving as a patient advocate for three states, Ohio, Maryland, and Washington DC. Click on the state you reside in to find your doctor!

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Treating Illness Naturally

Many people use medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for their physical conditions and ailments. 

Medical marijuana use is currently legal in 29 states for individuals having certain qualifying medical conditions. Conditions that qualify patients to receive a medical marijuana card vary by state.

Click below or search to learn about common qualifying conditions, then schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable physicians or nurse practitioners to discuss whether medical marijuana is right for you. 


We’ve made it easy for you to get your card!

Get your Medical Marijuana card now! You can book an appointment with one of our contributing doctors and see if medical marijuana is your best choice for the condition you have.

We accept patients in Maryland, Washington DC, and Ohio.

Learn more about the programs or book your appointment for a legal medical marijuana card for these states.

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Washington DC


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Maryland now requires you to have a Medical Cannabis Card

Effective April 1, 2019 all Maryland residents are now required to carry a medical cannabis card to access dispensaries.

We have reduced our fees (new and renewals) to $125. We now have 3 providers who will be offering $100 discount appointments.

Patients must make a purchase from the dispensary within 120 days of obtaining their recommendation or it will be revoked and must be made every 120 days to maintain your active recommendation.

Discover the Benefits of Medical Marijuana