5 Influential Women Cannabis Entrepreneurs To Pay Attention To

Despite the data showing a dip in women CEOs in the cannabis industry, women in cannabis have come out strong both in support of the mighty plant and the advancement of women in the workplace. Here are 5 women cannabis entrepreneurs who are taking the cannabis industry by storm. These are artists, visionaries, clinicians, educators, and mothers who have all stepped out to end the stigma around cannabis while using their fine business savvy to cultivate their own economic growth.

Bess Byers

Her name is Bess Byers but people call her CannaBess, the woman who is taking over the cannabis photography world by storm. While pursuing a career in politics, she found herself in DC where she learned to grow cannabis. There, she found the opportunity to blend her love for photography with the cannabis industry’s needs for branding, lifestyle shoots and professional photography for growers and labs. CannaBess has supported her own interests in politics through her photography and cannabis enthusiasm, and her end goal is to be in politics where she can be an agent for change in the de-scheduling of cannabis.

Jeanine Moss

For the woman who likes to carry around her marijuana and all her top accessories without giving herself away with the wafting smell of dank buds, there are AnnaBis handbags. Founded by Jeanine Moss after realizing that she had nowhere to store her cannabis products on a night out, the medical marijuana patient was moved to blend high-end fashion and handbag design with cannabis. The high-end, classy bags come in beautiful designs and colors and uses a special technology that uses thin layers of resin film that is typically used in the medical, food and electronics industries to line the bag. It’s designed to keep aromas in the bag while being easy to clean. A portion of the sales of bags goes to Realm of Caring, which provides support services and resources to provide a better quality of life for those affected by disorders and diseases like cancer, MS, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy and Parkinson’s through the use of cannabinoid extracts.

Jessica Peters

The brainchild of Jessica Peters, a clinician specializing women’s health, Moxie Meds produces cannabis tinctures for women specifically for aiding in the relief of symptoms of menstrual cramps, hormonally-related stress, menopause, and other reproductive concerns. Jessica has an impressive resume in specializing in pediatric care and women’s reproductive health. She has been a CBD Specialist at Harborside Clinic and has become a cannabinoid and terpene specialist through her Research and Development work. Moxie Meds created their products based on tinctures being the most ancient method of consuming cannabis for medicinal purposes with the most precise method of dosing. Her products focus on two aspects of the woman’s health experience: relief and recovery.

Jessie Gill

Jessie Gill is the cannabis nurse and the brand personality behind MarijuanaMommy.com, a brand that seeks to break cannabis stigma through education while promoting cannabis as a part of a healthy and active lifestyle. As a hospice nurse, Gill learned many lessons about how to truly live when she was faced with her own tragedy. She turned to marijuana after wanting something different than the huge number of opioids and painkillers she had to take. Marijuana changed her life. Her brand is built on her amazing personality and ability to bring relatability to any mom exploring cannabis or who has been a long-time user. She has some great “mom approved” gifts that she recommends while cultivating an extensive recipe resource for all things cannabis edibles.

Shawnta Hopkins-Greene

Shawnta Hopkins-Greene is the ultimate connector for the cannabis industry among curious patients in emerging cannabis states and physicians able to provide a marijuana recommendation. MyCannX LLC seeks to end stigma, while educating both physicians and new and curious patients on the benefits of cannabis.  At her community level, she has partnered with the National Holistic Healing Center in Washington DC where she and her partner Chanda Macias collaborate to engage comminutes of color in discussions on the war on drugs as well as facilitating “cannamoms” in discussion groups. Hopkins-Greene’s advocacy work is based on seeing the number of Cannabis Patient Registrations increase while helping people break down the barriers to understanding cannabis and its benefits for health.

Do Women Rule Cannabis?

If you ask any woman, there really is no “grass ceiling” needing to be broken within the cannabis industry, but women are still coming out fiercely as brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs to make their mark on the industry. As more female-led and driven cannabis brands to emerge within the industry, women are banding together under supportive networks like WomenGrow and Women of Cannabiz, who are dedicated to elevating the role of women entrepreneurs in the industry.