Marijuana Menstrual Madness - The Definitive Answer, Period.

PMS - it's one of those things that we have no choice but to put up with every single month, but which can have a huge detrimental impact on our lives. For some women PMS is just a slightly inconvenient hump in the menstrual cycle, but for others it causes intense, unbearable pain and a roller coaster of mood swings that seriously impacts quality of life.

Medical marijuana can be an incredibly valuable remedy for those who are forced to deal with these extreme PMS symptoms. From pain relief to stress relief, here at MyCannX we believe the benefits of medical cannabis are pretty impressive. Period.

Relief from cramps

Although there is research still to be done on the matter, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that cannabis can help to relieve menstrual cramps. Whoopi Goldberg is perhaps one of the most vocal voices on the matter, having established her own line of medical marijuana edibles and products specifically designed to alleviate menstrual pains.

PMS affects everyone differently, with some only experiencing mild pain at the start of their period, and others being doubled over in intense pain for the duration. For women who are plagued with unbearable cramps each month, for which over-the-counter pain relief isn't always effective, cannabis can be a wonderful solution that has the power to totally transform their well-being throughout their period by dramatically reducing cramps.

Mood stabilization

Mood swings, stress, anxiety, sadness - hormones really do wreak havoc on our emotions and mood during PMS. The trouble is that there aren't many pharmaceutical remedies for mood stabilization, except anxiety medications or antidepressants which are usually designed for long-term use - not just a couple of days when estrogen levels are going haywire.

Medical marijuana has been proven to have mood stabilizing effects, which makes it a fantastic remedy for premenstrual mood swings. Plus, it can be used only when it is needed, providing almost instant relief whenever the emotional symptoms of PMS are at their worst.

Reduced breast pain

A common symptom of PMS is having painfully sore, swollen breasts. This occurs because increased progesterone levels cause milk ducts to expand, leaving breasts feeling heavy, tight and painful.

Cannabis has been proven to suppress the body's inflammatory responses, which makes it a brilliant natural remedy for relieving swollen breast tissue and reducing pain.

Improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms

Changing hormone levels throughout the menstrual cycle can impact the body in a whole host of ways, but most notably the gastrointestinal symptoms. It's not uncommon for women to experience uncomfortable intestinal cramps alongside diarrhea or constipation during the first few days of their period.

Cannabis has long been known to help alleviate the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders, and is frequently used to manage conditions such as irritable bowel disease. It makes sense then that it can also help women to regulate digestion, relieve stomach pain and have more regular, normal bowel movements during their period.

Better sleep, fewer headaches and less breakouts

We've covered the biggest pain points of PMS and how cannabis can help, but there are plenty of lesser-known benefits of medical marijuana that may also be of help.

For starters, it is known to relieve headaches, which are commonly experienced by women during the 5 days before their period. Secondly, cannabis has been touted as a potential treatment for acne, which suggests that it may help to alleviate hormone-related breakouts. Finally, it promotes sleep, which is perfect for women who suffer from restless nights as a result of uncomfortable bloating and pain in the days before their period starts.

If you'd like safe, legal access to medical marijuana through a medical cannabis card to help you cope with the various symptoms of PMS, click here to schedule your appointment with one of MyCannX's expert physicians.