MyCannX Celebrates Acceptance and Celebrates Life This January

January is an important month. We’ve already talked about the importance of honoring January as Cervical Health Awareness Month, but there are two more important days in January that deserve recognition.

January 20: International Day of Acceptance

There was a time where people with disabilities were not able to be socially included and struggled with isolation through lack of accessibility. Those days are over.

January 20 has been designated the International Day of Acceptance, where we are encouraged to reflect on abilities and what has been made possible through acceptance and empowerment of persons with disabilities.

International Day of Acceptance was created by the late Annie Hopkins, who made it her life goal to show people that she wasn’t going to let her disabilities hinder her. She began 3E Love, a company that brought the heart symbol to the wheelchair symbol to that sought to unify people with disabilities and ignite conversation between people of all abilities.

Annie passed away in 2009 from complications from a medical procedure, but her message lives on and serves as an inspiration for her brother Steve, who took on her vocation, and all those who continue to celebrate January 20 in Annie’s honor.

Cannabis and People with Disabilities

MyCannX highlights International Day of Acceptance because we recognize that medical marijuana has a role to play in the lives of people with disabilities. Here are a few ways that MyCannX is advocating for medical marijuana access for those with disabilities:

·         Epilepsy. We have been amazed at the ways medical marijuana has been providing a better quality of life for children and adults suffering from epilepsy. We are encouraged by the emergent studies that examine seizure reduction, especially when it comes to the lives of children, who are experiencing dramatic changes through cannabis, allowing them to live carefree lives away from the fear of their seizures.

·         Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s Disease can be an often-debilitating disease that keeps those suffering from it from being socially included due to the severity of their tremors. We are encouraged by the emergent research suggesting that cannabis has neuro-regenerative properties that are showing promise for possibly reversing the severity of the disease.

·         Pain Management. People with disabilities may suffer from chronic pain issues. MyCannX has stepped up to advocate for medical marijuana as an alternative pain management approach, with CBD (cannabidiol) being an active component in interrupting the pain signals to our brains.

·         Anxiety and Depression. When the physical limitations of one's body prevent social participation, anxiety and depression can become real problems. The mental health community is being encouraged by the emergent research on how CBD rich strains can help the brain receive serotonin through the endocannabinoid receptors, naturally boosting mood.

As the medical marijuana community grows, we look forward to becoming an important voice for those with disabilities who can see the benefits of medical cannabis for their lives.

Those who live with disabilities and may be interested to get their cannabis card are encouraged to reach out through MyCannX, so we can be your guide for medical care and access.

January 22: Celebration of Life Day

Isn’t life beautiful? Celebration of Life Day is a day that encourages people of older generations to celebrate the lives of their children and grandchildren. It’s also a day to celebrate life at any age.

Celebration of Life Day asks us to take a pause to reflect on the beauty, and miracle of life. In a world that is often fraught with stories of illness, death, and bad news, this day encourages us to look at the bright side and the miracle of life.

It asks people to look at their family members and honor them, make it known how special they are, and their integral role in making this world a better place. It asks us to honor and cherish the dignity that each person deserves just by virtue of being alive.

Bringing Cannabis into Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life Day encourages us to spend quality time with our loved ones, marveling in the miracle of life.

For many, cannabis may be the one thing that is adding quality of life when other medical treatments have failed. This is something that needs to be talked about.

Perhaps Celebration of Life Day can be the day that you reflect on all the components of your life that add to its quality: family, friendships, health, enjoyment of life, and how cannabis has taken its place in lifestyle and health care.

Here are a few tips on how to broach the topic of cannabis and how it brings about quality of life with your loved ones on January 22, Celebration of Life Day:

·         Reflect on the advances that cannabis has made in health care, and how cannabis can help people achieve their best selves;

·         Discuss together how the legal cannabis movement has provided quality of life for many citizens, and how you, together, can advocate for more access for people;

·         Commit to spreading the word on how cannabis has changed lives; share the success stories, break the stigmas, and show your support for this miracle plant

·         Discuss how getting your cannabis card can help increase the enjoyment and quality of life of those suffering from debilitating medical conditions. This can be your moment for cannabis education, citing all the ways that cannabis has been able to change lives. You can read some uplifting stories on the MyCannX blog.

January 20 and January 22 both represent opportunities in which we can hold important and meaningful dialogues about life, health and ensuring that everyone has access to the supports, like cannabis, that provide quality of life for people. Be sure to use MyCannX as a resource as you explore cannabis, and allow us to be your link to getting medical care through cannabis.