Let Cannabis Be Your Companion to Achieving Health-Related New Year Resolutions

Whether its losing weight, exercising more, eating healthy, getting a hold on treating persistent medical concerns, or taking steps towards our mental health self-care, the start of a new year is an opportunity to turn a new page and begin important steps towards improving and maintaining your optimal health.

Sadly, only 8% of people stick to their New Year Resolutions, which is why it always pays to be proactive with your plan of attack for maintaining your focus towards health-related resolutions.

Cannabis can help. Here are some important ways that cannabis can accompany your journey towards health in the new year, making it easier (and more fun) to stick to those resolutions:

THCV to Support Weight Loss

It’s important that a balanced diet is important of any lifestyle. Cannabis has been long-associated with “the munchies” which is a stereotype that has kept the weight-conscious away from the plant.

It’s true, cannabis can have an effect on your appetite, which is why it’s been an important support for those with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, which can kill the appetite. Appetite stimulant strains are excellent in these contexts.

However, for the individual whose barrier to maintaining a balanced diet and healthy weight is issues with food and making unhealthy choices, there are appetite-suppressing strains that can help curb the desire to open the fridge or snack cupboard.

Cannabis cultivators are becoming interested in the cannabis molecule called THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin), which is showing to act as a very strong appetite suppressant.

Certain medical marijuana strains contain higher levels of this THCV. An example is Black Beauty, which contains 7% THC and 4% THCV, known to give users an energizing “high” while decreasing your desire to snack. Strains like these allow you to focus on productive activities rather than allowing idle hands to find their way to the ice cream freezer.

Microdosing Cannabis to Support the Fitness Experience

Fitness and physical activity is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and overall health. This year, cannabis will begin to emerge stronger in the community of athletes and fitness enthusiasts as more discover the promises of cannabis for maintaining fitness goals.

More major sports communities, like the World Anti Doping Agency, have removed CBD as a banned substance for major athletes around the world. This comes with the recognition that this form of medical marijuana is an important alternative to opioids for pain management and muscle inflammation.

Those who practice high-intensity fitness activities sometimes turn to cannabis as a way to gain the energy required to get “in the zone” for fitness but are using through a method called microdosing to enjoy the benefits of energy-producing cannabis strains without a strong high.

Microdosing involves taking periodic, small doses of your medical cannabis over an extended period of time rather than large amounts in a session. Through microdosing at various parts of your fitness experience, you allow your body to enjoy the benefits the cannabis without necessarily having to experience strong psychoactive effects of the THC. Microdosing is very much about taking the “less is more” approach to cannabis use.

Infuse Cannabis into Your Diet

It’s important that your diet is balanced to include many vitamins and minerals that promote your overall health. Did you know that your cannabis can be infused into your meals as a way to deliver the amazing health benefits of cannabis right to your endocannabinoid system?

Cannabis dining with executive chefs has exploded in legal cannabis markets, where people are going to great lengths to combine cannabis and the culinary experience.

There is a reason why the edibles market was the fastest-growing market in 2017 in the legal cannabis market: people love eating their cannabis.

It’s important for those who are interested in cannabis edibles to note that there are differences in methods of ingestion for cannabis, and edibles posses powerful differences compared to combusting (smoking) cannabis. When ingested, cannabis edibles are stronger since they go right into your bloodstream and endocannabinoid system, which is ensuring that the legal cannabis market adheres to strong compliance standards for labeling and packaging.

When exploring edibles, it’s important to understand dosage and the products you’re ingesting to ensure you’re taking the right amount for your body and desires with your medical marijuana.

People are using DIY oil infusers like the LEVO infuser while exploring how cannabis oils, market edible products, and juicing cannabis leaves can benefit both their overall health and their diets.

Cannabis as a Support for Mental Health

The dialogue about cannabis and mental health is a strong one, with the general belief that high-THC strains are not overly productive for the brain that struggles with depression and anxiety.

However, there is a strong emergent discourse on the way CBD-rich strains can increase the effectiveness of the serotonin levels of the brain as well as help in the regeneration of neurons. These are both brain functions that are targeted by the pharmaceutical market’s anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.

Cannabis is taking a strong place in the mental health struggle as many people don’t find the current pharmaceutical approach to be effective enough in treating mental health disorders without harmful side effects.

Taking the medical cannabis approach to mental health involves understanding the powerful ways the CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

Exploring Cannabis as an Alternative to Pharmaceuticals

There’s no denying that we live in a society where doctors are too quick to prescribe, and pharmacists are all to quick to fill prescriptions of pharmaceuticals that may cause more harm than good.

Have you ever gone through what you’re being prescribed and wondering if what you’re taking is actually benefitting you?

Since medical cannabis took off, the cannabis community has been sure to share the ways that people have been able to replace certain* medications with medical cannabis. People are strongly emerging in support of replacing opioids with cannabis, a recent North American study citing that 30% of those surveyed were successful in doing so. Anti-inflammatories and benzodiazepines are also seeing some replacement by the mighty plant.

Cannabis is also a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory, which is why so many athletes are using CBD rather than the painkillers and anti-inflammatories you can find both over the counter and by prescription.

Can Medical Cannabis Set You On Path for a Healthy 2018?

Maintaining overall health means being dedicated to taking a balanced approach to the way you see your health. It’s all about what you do, and how you approach the various aspects of a healthy lifestyle that can determine your success. While cannabis won’t be the thing that changes your 2018, it can significantly support you in your goals towards overall health.

MyCannX is dedicated to ensuring you have all the information necessary to understand how medical cannabis can help you achieve overall health in 2018. Connect with us to get your cannabis card and understand the ways cannabis can be your companion as you use the year to achieve the healthiest version of yourself.

*Note that it’s extremely important to discuss any medication changes with your health care professional before proceeding to explore cannabis as an alternative