The Importance of Community-Based Training in Legal Medical Cannabis States

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Medical cannabis use is on the rise as 30 states have now legalized cannabis for medical use, while 9 states have legalized cannabis across the board.

There are 201,345,903 users of medical cannabis in the legal medical states, and the number is on the rise as more people turn to cannabis for issues like pain management, neurodegenerative disorders, epilepsy, woman’s health issues, and support through cancer treatment, just to name a few qualifying medical conditions.

Sadly, despite medical cannabis being on the rise, there are still so many misconceptions about cannabis, and why medical cannabis users have turned to it.

MyCannX is seeking to change this.

By offering comprehensive and FREE training to medical doctors, community groups, schools, retirement homes, and any organization that could benefit from cannabis education, MyCannX seeks to increase the public literacy on cannabis, so that medical cannabis users can access and use their medicine – without stigma.

Sensitivity Training

So many cannabis education programs work on the pretense that those who undergo the training do so because they are amongst “the converted”. As our CEO Shawnta says, “Cannabis users don’t exist in a vacuum”, and deserve to live in a society free of judgment and stigma.

Cannabis has sadly been under prohibition so long that it’s often difficult to change the prohibitionist attitudes of those who are anti-cannabis: these are the people that MyCannX wants to reach through our training programs.

Sensitivity training involves not only helping people understand cannabis itself but why medical cannabis users have chosen cannabis as a medical treatment. Medical cannabis users have long been under the stigma of “just wanting to get high”, when, many are not using cannabis for its psychoactive effects, but rather its medicinal benefits.

When the public undergoes sensitivity training, they may not have to emerge as converted cannabis users, but rather those who are tolerant, understanding, and accepting for the cannabis community. Through those who have undergone sensitivity training, they can help be the voice against stigma for cannabis users.

Knowing their Options

Everyone deserves to know their options for medical care, but sadly, many doctors are not at the point where they are comfortable prescribing cannabis.

MyCannX helps educate all stakeholders in a language they understand and know. We work with doctors, hospitals, medical centers, patient drop-in centers, and clinics to spread knowledge on medical cannabis: why patients are using it, and why it is a viable option, and alternative to often harmful prescription drugs.

Community-based cannabis education also reaches the masses, to show them how they can access affordable medical cannabis programs, regardless of socioeconomic status.

At MyCannX, we believe that no one should have to choose between a medical path that is no longer working for them and natural options like cannabis therapies. Therefore, we have created an affordable registration process for legal access.

Cannabis is a Community Issue

MyCannX decided to offer training in community-based settings so to recognize that cannabis IS a community issue that requires an understanding by all levels of society, not only decision-makers.

Offering cannabis education to the masses takes the discussion about cannabis out of ivory towers, clinical settings, and into the real world, where real lives are affected. By offering training to everyone we remove the gaps between stakeholders in cannabis, to truly approach medical cannabis as a privilege for everyone, not just the government or a select few.

We educate not only about safe and responsible cannabis use, but how to ensure that all cannabis use is conducted within the legal confines of medical cannabis programs.

We are in this Together

Cannabis belongs to everyone, and everyone has the right to know about their options for their health and wellness. MyCannX is available and eager to spread the word on cannabis education in both formal and informal settings.

Connect with MyCannX today if your group could benefit from FREE medical cannabis training- we look forward to partnering with you!