Ohio Patient Appointments

Patients interested in purchasing medical marijuana through legal state medical marijuana programs must receive a recommendation from a licensed physician. MyCannX has a network of compassionate state licensed and approved physicians. Use the links below to schedule an evaluation today.

House Bill 523, effective on September 8, 2016, legalizes medical marijuana in Ohio. The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program will allow people with certain medical conditions, upon the recommendation of an Ohio-licensed physician certified by the State Medical Board, to purchase and use medical marijuana. To legally purchase, you must be obtain a recommendation from a participating doctor (not all doctors can or will) and register with the state.

MyCannX is a scheduling and compliance service used by doctors in Ohio to collect payments and ensure all paperwork is in order.

STEP ONE: It’s easy for Ohio Residents to make an appointment online. Pick a clinic location below, select an available date, time and pay a $50 registration fee. Once registered, you will receive an appointment confirmation with the location of your doctor’s visit. A $100 cash co-pay is required at the time of your consultation.

STEP TWO: Attend medical evaluation appointment (must provide medical records documenting medical condition)

STEP THREE: If approved provider will submit recommendation

STEP FOUR: Submit $50 registration fee to Ohio Board of Pharmacy to obtain medical marijuana card

STEP FIVE: Visit a Ohio licensed dispensary to purchase medicine 

Total costs for a legal medical marijuana card: $150 (Includes registration, office visit, and any additional costs required by State of Ohio law.)

MyCannX Medical Marijuana Appointments

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Other Important Information

To receive a legal medical marijuana card at these special rates, these providers may only be booked through us.

The exact address of the provider will be given to you once your appointment has been created.